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  • I forgot my password?

    For forgotten passwords, on the welcome page click the button “Login Help” which is to the left of the “Login” button and follow the instructions!

  • What are the NEW categories for GTA20?

    There are 9 new categories for GTA20!

    And due to overwhelming industry requests, Home Entertainment will now have its own classification with six brand new categories dedicated exclusively to Home Ent and Digital Trailers.

    The 9 New Categories are:

    *Best Faith Based Trailer

    *Best Animation/Family Poster for a TV/Streaming Series
    *Best Wildposts for TV/Streaming Series

    The 6 Home Entertainment Categories
    * Best Home Ent Animation/Family
    * Best Home Ent Action
    * Best Home Ent Comedy
    * Best Home Ent Drama
    * Best Home Ent Fantasy Adventure
    * Best Home Ent Horror/Thriller

  • What category gets the most trailer entries?

    This changes from year to year, but historically the GTA’s has received the most submissions in the following categories:
    Show Categories:
    Best Music
    Best Teaser
    Best Drama
    Best Independent

    Non-Show Categories:
    Best Action TV Spot for a Feature Film
    Best Drama TV Spot for a TV Show/Series
    Most Original TV Spot for a Feature Film
    Best Animation/Family TV Spot for a Feature Film

  • There are some categories I no longer see for GTA20?

    Yes, the following is a list of categories that were removed from the competition:
    *Best Foreign Animation Family Trailer
    *Best Foreign Romance Trailer
    *Best Independent TV Spot for a Feature Film
    *Best Pre-Show Theatrical Advertising for a Brand
    *Most Innovative Advertising for a Video Game
    *Most Innovative Advertising for a Brand/Product
    *Best Film Festival Poster
    *Best Film Festival Trailer
    *Best Trailer for a book or novel

  • What is the difference between the Best Music and the Best Original Score categories?

    The “Best Music” category refers to the use of a pre-existing song or songs in a trailer (i.e. Lorde’s cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” used in the “Dracula Untold “Rule” trailer”), whereas “Best Original Score” refers to a song created specifically for the trailer or from the score for the film.

  • Do you have any advice for a first time entrant?

    Whether you are a first time entrant or a GTA veteran … diversify! If you think your trailer has got what it takes … you should diversify and enter the more specialized categories.

  • Can you explain the Golden Fleece Award?

    The Golden Fleece award is a highly prized award. It honors a GREAT trailer for a not so great film. Historically it is one of the categories that receives the most press and is a favorite of trailer creators and fans alike!

  • What is the Trashiest Trailer?

    Another favorite of the press and fans, the Trashiest Trailer is for the trailer that uses an overt amount of gore or sex to sell a film, often becoming “campy”.
    Please note that in 2018, Trashiest Trailer, moved to a non-show category.

  • What constitutes an independent film?

    An independent film is one financed outside of the studio system (outside the Majors) ie: A24, Annapurna, TWC

  • Are films made by the “Mini-majors” considered independents?

    Yes, they are considered independents and are eligible to enter as independent films.

  • Can you explain why there is a Best Independent and a Best Independent (under $1.5Million)?

    The Best Independent category has proved so popular (and so excellent) that it got split in two.
    Best Independent is now … Best Independent and Best Independent (under $1.5Million) to shine a special spotlight on those lower budget gems.
    Please note: Best Independent is a Show Category whilst Best Independent (under $1.5Million) is a non-show category.
    The (Under $1.5Million) refers to the shooting budget of the film NOT including P&A.
    And Best Independent (under $1.5Million) contenders can still enter any and all other categories including Best Independent.

  • The person who did this last year and is no longer with the company and no one knows his/her login, what should I do?

    Register as if you are registering for the first time
    Activate the account

    Then give us a call [(212) 206-1041] to combine the accounts.
    Please note, do not do this at the last minute – with permissions et al. it could take 24-48 hours to combine things so allow time!

  • What qualifies as a Foreign trailer/TV Spot/Poster (asset)?

    In order for a trailer/TV Spot/Poster (asset et al) to qualify as “foreign”, over 50% of the FUNDING for The Film must come from outside the United States as well as having over 50% of the principal photography shot outside the United States.

  • What if I am nominated?

    If you are nominated in one of the “show categories”, you will need to upload an HD version to GTA Credit site in order for it to be edited into the presentation in Los Angeles in May 2019. A link will be sent to you along with instructions upon nominee announcement. ALL NOMINEES will be asked to provide a still from the film, list of credits, and client names that need to be credited in the GTA20 program book.
    *Nominees receive one complimentary ticket per nominated entry (be it Trailer, Poster, TV spots et al) to the May 2019 ceremony and party. A rep from the GTA’s will be in contact and coordinate getting you or your company’s tickets to you.

  • When will the GTA20 nominations be announced?

    Notifications and a press release will go out around the first week of May 2019.

  • When we do send in the credits for our nominated spots, how many people can I credit in “Production” credits?

    You can credit as many people as you like. As a reference, they will appear this way in the program book. Click here to see last year’s program book for ideas!

  • I have a series of Character Billboards and/or Motion Billboards?

    If you have character billboards and or motion billboards, you should follow 2 rules of thumb:
    1. Put them together as one entry and do not enter them individually
    2. Show an example of them in their environment – the way they were meant to be seen

  • Are there categories dedicated to the “Home Entertainment” Market?

    Why yes! We are glad you asked. As a matter of fact their are six new categories to serve this ever growing Market for Home Entertainment and Digital Distribution platform releases.

    Best Home Ent – Family /Animation
    Best Home Ent – Action
    Best Home Ent – Comedy
    Best Home Ent – Drama
    Best Home Ent – Fantasy /Adventure
    Best Home Ent – Horror /Thriller

  • How do I get listed in the Trailer directory? Or how do I change/update my information?

    Listing in the GTA directory on the site is free! If you or your company would like to be listed in the directory, please send your company information including: name of contact person, company phone number, company logo (Final logo size should be 200 x 150, please send it white on a transparent background if you can), your company URL, and specify which grouping you would like your company listed under: Trailer House, Print/Posters and Graphics (if your company does Title Graphics for films or TV promos). Please contact us and write ‘GTA Directory Listing’ in the subject line.

  • What if my question is not answered here?

    You can email us with your question at contact us or call us at 212.206.1041. We are here to help you!

    Please Note:

    If you call and get the voice mail – please leave a detailed message – the phone system will send an email to us with this information and we will get back to you as soon as we can but definitely within 24 hours!



  • Are films made by the “Mini-majors” considered independents?

    Yes, they are considered independents and are eligible to enter as independent films.

  • Why are there special categories and prices for low budget entries?

    We believe that “talent is king” and independent trailers can compete with the studio trailers, just as independent movies compete with studio movies for box office dollars and eyeballs. But we also want to have a category where the best independents can compete and shine on their own. That is why some categories are strictly reserved for independents yet all categories (with the exception of Summer Blockbuster 2018) are open to independent movie trailers.
    The Best Independent category has proved so popular (and so excellent) that in 2016, we split the category in two. Best Independent is now … Best Independent and Best Independent (under $1million) to shine a special spotlight on those lower budget gems.

    Please note: Best Independent is a Show Category whilst Best Independent (under $1Million) is a non-show category. Under $1Million refers to the shooting budget of the film NOT including P&A.
    And Best Independent (under $1Million) can still enter any and all other categories including Best Independent.

  • Are Netflix, Amazons, Hulu and HBO considered Studio or Indie?

    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, Showtime, and HBO are considered ‘Studio’.

  • What about trailers cut for feature length films, available on HBO/Starz/Amazon/Showtime/Netflix/Hulu/Apple but aren’t distributed theatrically?

    Trailers/TV spots for Feature Length Films produced by digital distributors HBO/Amazon/Netflix/Hulu/Apple are eligible to compete in Theatrical ‘Trailer-Film’ categories as well as their TV Spots (Feature Film).

  • What length do TV spots have to be?

    In the new era of digital, there is no specific length. Historically TV spots have been :30 and :60 seconds (sometimes :90, sometimes :15) but now, there is no set length, minimum or maximum.

  • What qualifies as a TV spot?

    TV Spots are traditionally :30 or :60 seconds. TV Trailers can also include :90 spots. The length of time can vary so the suggested lengths should not be considered a hard rule but should moreover serve as a guideline. Nor is there a requirement for the spot to have aired on traditional network television, to be eligible to submit under TV Spot for Feature Film, as many spots were created to air exclusively online or social media.

    There are two main category groupings for TV spots. These fall into categories for  ‘TV Spots for Feature Films‘ and ‘TV Spots for TV series, streaming series, limited series, web series & mini-series‘.

  • What are “TrailerBytes”?

    In order to encompass ALL the many forms of super short form content and social media for tv series and feature films, ’TV TrailerBytes’  and ‘TrailerBytes’, respectively were created to incorporate ALL of them – so you can enter your Insta, GIFs, blinks, bytes – in this one category.

    There are only 2 subcategories for these super short forms …

    1. Best TV TrailerByte (Insta / GIF / bytes / blinks)
    2. Best TrailerByte for a feature length film (Insta / GIF / bytes / blinks)

    If you did an insta for a TV series, put it in the first one, if you did a Insta for a feature length film, put it in the second category.

    And to get to those categories, you will need to select> Innovative Advertising

  • For ‘Show Categories’ & ‘TV Spots for Feature Films’ – are these only limited to theatrical releases?

    In previous years “Show Categories” were dedicated to theatrical releases; however, in this new, evolving distribution environment, where Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.  create or acquire feature film movies for distribution, those trailers are also eligible to submit as “Show Categories”.

    “TV Spots for Feature Films” are also for all feature length films as well.

    Due to the ever increasing and expanding distribution and viewing platforms, the Golden Trailer Awards expanded TV series category into multiple specific and relevant categories for TV series/Miniseries/Web Series/Limited Series, and/or Streaming Series,please check out all the new categories under this heading.

    Please feel free to contact us if you need clarification on this expansion at 212.206.1041 or contact us.

  • Why is there a time limit of the length of trailers?

    Four minutes and 30 seconds is the maximum industry length for motion picture previews. Although that is the maximum limit imposed by the MPAA, the average length of previews is 2 minutes and 30 seconds (or less). Your trailer can be any length, as long as it does not exceed 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • Should there be “company slates” or “bars and tone” on the trailers?

    No. The trailer should begin after you hit play. You can have the MPAA “Green”bands or “Red” bands in front of the trailers – those are fine.