Our History

We are an annual awards ceremony for the unsung heroes of Hollywood’s film and television marketing. Awarding the best and brightest in the industry from independent artists to major trailer houses for their trailers, teasers, TV spots, posters, and more!

Founded in 1999, The Golden Trailer Awards innovated the way we appreciate and acknowledge, “the creatives behind the curtain.” During the Sundance festival in 2000, in true tongue-in-cheek fashion, the GTAs screened nominated trailers inside of a golden painted airstream trailer that was converted into a movie theater. From there, the GTA brand was born, growing with the iconic logo we have today.

Featuring 108 categories, show and non-show, we recognize all kinds of new experiential concepts and ideas that drive the movie and television industry which have become as anticipated and revered as much as the movies themselves. With a jury of renowned producers, directors, executives, and show presenters cast with comedians and actors, our show is a night of entertainment honoring the best the industry has to offer.


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Our Team

Giselle Delmundo
Graphic Designer
Jim Bachor
Trophy Designer
John Pale
Associate Producer
Wilder Knight II, ESQ
Legal Consel: Pryor, Sherman & Flynn
Mike Skelly
Gerry Brahney
Advertising Director
Michael Byrne
Ben Silbert
Associate Producer
Bridget Gormley
Associate Producer
Katie Gassert (Gatsby Events)
Pre and Post Show Coordinator
Nicola Parish (Parish PR)
Talent Coordinator
Matthew Brady
Krislen Sherrill
Lakes Webb
Brand Director
Michael Coleman
VP of Business Development
Nestor Padilla-Tiller
Brendan Amoruso
Editor GTA20-GTA22
Alene Padilla-Tiller
Senior Editor
Tom Delmundo
Creative Director: Californium
Monica Brady
Founder/Executive Producer
Evelyn Brady-Watters
Founder/Executive Director

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Our next ceremony for GTA22 will take place on October 6th, 2022. Stay tuned for our announcement on the venue and host!